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The journey towards oral health or dental wellness begins with receiving effective treatment and regular checkups, HSR Dental Center maintains the highest standards of what a multi-specialty dental clinic, should follow where you get the best dental treatments with the utmost care and ambiance in your neighborhood, HSR Layout.

Dental Wellness
Tooth Examination
Tooth Cleaning
Root Canal Treatment
Oral Hygiene Checkup
Lumineers | Veneers
Laser Dentistry
Invisible Braces
Invisible Aligners
Flossing & Cleaning
Dental Implants
General Checkup

Welcome to
HSR Dental Center

our dental clinic located in HSR layout with the latest technology and equipment, ensuring you get the best dental treatment while hygiene and all dental procedures shall be performed, adhering to strict and standard protocols.

- Chief Dentist

Specialized Dental Care Through
Precision, Expertise, And Experience.

Spreading Healthy Smiles
In And Around HSR Layout.

Dental Wellness

An accurate diagnosis of the entire oral system, A learning process between dentist and patient wherein we can discover the true status of your oral system, empowering you to make educated decisions towards a preferred oral health future.

Dental Treatments

HSR Dental Clinic offers you quality dental care by using the most modern and innovative treatments for your entire family. We pride ourselves in offering compassionate and gentle dentistry with the same care and comfort we would want for ourselves.

Dental Hygiene

We help you practice, keeping the mouth, teeth, and gums clean and healthy to prevent disease. Dental hygiene and oral health are often taken for granted but are essential parts of our everyday lives, Regular hygiene enables the prevention of dental disease & bad breath.

🦷 Our Dentistry

Comprehensive management of your dental wellness & Dental treatment

Permanent teeth can last a lifetime with proper care. The risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss can be reduced with good oral hygiene, a low-sugar diet, and regular visits to the dentist. It is recommended that everyone, including young children, adults, and elder ones, visit the dentist at least once every six months. Modern techniques mean that your dental treatment can be carried out with no, or very little, discomfort. 

Our Multi-Specialty Dentistry

Best dentists in the expertise dentistry discipline are a part of our HSR Dental Center and you get the specialized dental procedures with the perfect smile, you deserve.












General | Family Dentist

HSR Dental Center
HSR Dental Center
41 Google reviews
Mohan Kumar
Mohan Kumar
Excellent service
Swara P
Swara P
My mother had undergone implant treatment for her molar tooth .it was painless and now she can chew comfortably on that side. I am very happy with the treatment and the cooperation extended is phenominal .
Naman Reddy
Naman Reddy
Very very good. Doctor is very experienced ,kind and friendly .Clinic is clean and hygienic . Price is very reasonable
Aahan Sharma
Aahan Sharma
Excellent service,neat clinic,best staff very reasonable prices with excellent quality
Devaki K.T
Devaki K.T
Excellent services. Doctors are very friendly, very reasonable price with wonderful job compare to others 👌
Vikrant Raj
Vikrant Raj
Excellent service
Deeksha Rai
Deeksha Rai
HSR dental center is the best dental center .The doctor and the staff take care of you and give you the best care in every way. The clinic is clean and hygienic .All types of treatments are available here. The cost is very reasonable , highly professional and highly recommended !!!
Manjula Ramesh
Manjula Ramesh
I got my implants and crown done for my first molar tooth at hsr dental center and I am very happy with the end result. I would like to give my highest rating .Thank you Dr. Beenu
Pushpa Chamling
Pushpa Chamling
Dr.Beenu is very professional and has a great attitude. She made me feel very comfortable and took the time to explain the measures in place to protect patients exposure to COVID. Modern facilities and humble staffs. The treatment for my cavity was done very careful with little discomfort. Over all I would rate the service as Very economical and extremely professional. Thank you Dr. Beenu 👍
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